We present you the opportunity to have clean water right in the kitchen with no bottles.

Filter jugs


Prestige represents the spacious-type water filter jug with soft lines and a universal look. The replacement filter irreversibly reduces harmful substances such as organic compounds, iron, lead, chlorine and removes sediment and odor.

Provence A5Mg

Aquaphor Provence is an elegant and easy means of getting clean and odorless drinking water. Equipped with an easy-fill flip-top lid and a filter life counter. Includes one Aquaphor A5Mg replacement filter, which reduces chlorine, rust, lead and other contaminants found in tap water.


Elegant, country-style filter jug stores an impressive 3 liters of safe, clean and odorless water for instant use in your kitchen. The circular base provides additional stability to prevent accidental spills from occurring. Equipped with a filter life counter and one replacement filter.


Amethyst is a handy water filter jug with a simple design and is comfortable to look at and use daily. Compact and ergonomic, with its moderate color line, Amethyst jug fits inside the refrigerator door for even greater space efficiency.

Under-counter water systems

Aquaphor Crystal A – Under the Counter Water Filter Unit

Medium price is €90.84

Modern, compact filter system Aquaphor Crystal series not only perfectly and quickly purify water, but also (thanks to using innovative technologies) are the most convenient and easiest to use of the other under-counter flow filters.
Replacement filters last much longer than normal systems due to the increased amount of adsorbent. Crystal also outperforms other brands because it is much easier to replace filters due to the special fasteners which require minimal time and effort (click-and-turn technology). In addition, filters are replaced with housing that prevents contamination.

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RO Drinking water machine Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion (K5-K2-K50S-K7M) (E)

Medium price is €275

DWM makes a premium quality water right from what's in your tap. Apart from removing harmful substances and hardness, it conditions your water with a balanced mix of useful minerals. It is a versatile professional water treatment appliance for your house. Fits any family and household.

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You can find a variety of replacements for filter jugs and undercounter systems here.
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Hard water in a household

Hard water seems relatively harmless, but let's match it with the overall life quality and think again.

Preparing tea and coffee with hard water can bring significant disappointment to a true connoisseur. Both drinks loose taste and look less attractive. Especially noticeable is the change in tea color. To brew a balanced cup of coffee, any barista recommends chlorine-free, mildly acidic water with no odor and low concentration of minerals. Cooking with hard water will also require recipe adjustments. Your dessert might be not as delicious either.

Interesting facts

Water consumption is important


Consumption of packaged water in Italy

This statistic shows the per capita consumption of packaged water in Italy in 2017. In 2010, 184 liters of packaged water were consumed per person in Italy, and consumption increased to more than 200.9 liters per person by 2017.


Drinking water consumption in the EU

Overall, drinking water consumed in households of EU is 22800 billion liters per year and the total billed consumption is 31800 billion liters per year.


Tap water consumption in the EU

The average consumption for our member countries is 128 liters per inhabitant per day. The
average household composition is 2.3 inhabitants and the average consumption per household
is 111000 liters/household/year.


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